Last week it was Kendall Jenner, and this week it seems that Selena Gomez is enjoying the no bra hype. If you weren’t already aware, the lovely Miss Jenner sent the internet into a frenzy last week, when she stepped out wearing a very revealing shirt which showed off her delightful nipple piercing.

Sadly, Miss Gomez wasn’t sporting any similar… jewellery. But she was looking absolutely sensational, nonetheless. Former beau of one Justin Bieber, Gomez recently asked TV host James Corden to find her a boyfriend… Just want to let everyone know that I am available and willing.

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Selena is looking pretty sensational sans bra, but that’s only to be suspected when you remember that she’s one of the most eligible ladies on the face of the planet. Fancy seeing more of Gomez (if that was at all possible)?

So we’ve seen Selena Gomez rocking a bit of nipple, but what about the rest of the time? Well here she is looking radiant, meeting fans after a radio appearance in London.

What was Justin Bieber thinking when he broke up with the lovely Selena? Rumoured recently that he was hooking up with Kourtney Kardashian. What a step down for the guy. Sad times.

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