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    The Girlfriend Experience

    The world of prostitution has been a fascination of director Steven Soderbergh since 2009’s The Girlfriend Experience, and with his 13-episode series of the same name debuting on Starz this weekend, it’s clear he’s not tired of the subject. How sex work is portrayed—and there’s no shortage of those portrayals in film or television—is, naturally, […]

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    Jennifer Lopez Single Again

    (CONFIDENTIAL) The singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez, 47, and her longtime boyfriend Beau ‘Casper’ Smart, 29, are no longer dating, a source tells PEOPLE magazine. “Jennifer and Casper have split,” the source says. “They have not been together for a few weeks.” “It wasn’t anything dramatic and they were on good terms – it just […]

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    Mercedes-Maybach 6 Coupe is the Future of Luxury Cars

    The newly announced Mercedes-Maybach 6 coupe is the essence of the future of luxury cars. Stretching a length 18.5 feet long, this beautiful coupe combines the style of past with the technology of the future. The interior of the coupe is nothing short of amazing, with a futuristic feel and the perfect flow between function […]

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    Carolina Rodríguez Crowned Miss Costa Rica 2016

    (CONFIDENTIAL) Carolina Rodríguez was crowned the new Miss Costa Rica 2016 on Friday night, at the beauty pageant held at the National Auditorium of the Museo de Los Niños in San Jose. Choosing the winner had a moment of tension after a tie in the question and answers round. A second round was necessary. Rodriguez, […]

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    Madonna Celebrates Birthday In Cuba

    HAVANA – Madonna started her birthday celebration with a drive from José Martí International Airport into Old Havana in a caravan of classic 1950s American convertibles. She turned 58 on Tuesday. She was staying at the hotel Saratoga, a five-story corner building with a Spanish colonial façade on Paseo de Martí. Beyoncé and Jay Z […]




MISS COSTA RICA 2016… and the winner is….

MISS COSTA RICA 2016 runners up


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    Male vs. Female Orgasms: Which is Better?

    (CONFIDENTIAL) Sex is a different experience for men and women, but which gender has the best orgasm? At the end of last month, AsapSCIENCE posted a new video to delve into the million-dollar question. Obviously, there are a few core differences between male and female orgasms. For one, female orgasms can last 20 seconds or […]

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    WD-40 Launches Men’s Fragrance

    Following the success of it’s aftershave, the WD-40 lubricating spray announced it was expanding its product line to include WD-40 Men’s Fragrance, the  after being inundated with requests from male, and female, users who love the smell. Despite being new to the fragrance market WD-40 is confident of its success. A spokesman said, “This is […]

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    Rolls Royce Hood Ornament Has Theft Protection Device

    Steeling hood ornaments is fairly common among petty thieves, with the higher the price of the car the more prestigious a prize the hood ornament is. Rolls Royce has created an ingenious way of keeping thieves of stealing the hood ornaments from their cars. They created a mechanism that makes the ornament disappear when it […]

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    Who Will Be The Miss Costa Rica 2016?

    (COSTA RICA CONFIDENTIAL) Political figures, sports, music, social movements and  a former Miss Costa Rica beauty, on Wednesday put the candidates of Miss Costa Rica 2016, chose the ten finalists to the Miss Costa Rica 2016 pageant that will take place next week. That day, the beautiful women looking to be crowned Miss Costa Rica […]

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    Aston Martin Vulcan is the Most Intense Supercar Ever

    [Image Source: Aston Martin] If you are a billionaire looking for a new supercar to add to your garage, meet the Aston Martin Vulcan. This track-only supercar is what Aston Martin is calling their “most intense and exhilarating creation to date.” Developed in conjunction with Aston Martin Racing, the supercar features a V12 7.0 Liter […]


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