Krystal McPhail is a model from Costa Rica seen around the world, from her home town of to far away places like Milan and on covers such Elle magazine. At 20 (in 2012) Krystal signed with Elite Model, the same agency that made Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell international stars. Today,...
Costa Rica model Juliana H. Photos from Independent Model Management Costa Rica
Costa Rica bombshell Ari Lezama has been posing up a stormLike many models before her, Ari Lezama has ditched 92% of her clothing for her shoot with 138 Water. And while we’re not sure what posing scantily clad has to do with promoting h20, we’re not going to complain either. CATCHING...
COSTA RICA CONFIDENTIAL - When Costa Rica's very own Not So Blond blogger, Leonora Jimenez, looks for vacation destinations, it must unpretentous, without excesses, quiet and with a bohemian touch. Beach locations where there is more than a paradisiacal view, a place with good food, local shops and warm...
Model: Laura Cristina Arcila Jaramillo Photography: Cristian Jiménez Fotógrafo
  Photos by Cristian Jiménez Fotógrafo  
Photography by Cristian Jiménez Fotógrafo  
Photo from Facebook and Instagram
Photogrpahy: Cristian Jiménez Fotógrafo
This 25 year-old hangs out in Pozos de Santa Ana, is one of the contenstants in The New Summer Girl.