It can be frustrating when you keep putting effort into online dating but don’t see immediate results. There are different possibilities for why success is still on the horizon. Some things are difficult to change, such as few users in your location. Yet most issues are within your control to fix.

You know you’ve got a lot going for you, but are you getting that across in your profile? And are you visible on multiple sites, or are you limiting yourself to one pool of possible partners? With a little bit of planning you can reduce your stress and increase your views. Here are some hacks to simplify online dating and make it a pleasant experience.

  • Increase Your Chances

There are different tactics to approach the search for love online. You could put a great deal of effort into one site, spending hours perfecting your profile and agonizing over how good you look in your pictures. Then you can wait days and weeks to get any interesting responses. It can eventually start wearing you down, when it simply may be a matter of probability.

On the other hand, you could sign up for multiple sites. This works in your favor in several ways. Most importantly, the more sites you are on, the wider your pool of potential partners. You also have more variety of available singles, and can put yourself on sites that cater to different groups. You never know on which site you may find love.

  • Create a Template Profile

If you’re using multiple sites it can get tiring to write a new profile for each. Instead of starting from scratch each time, try creating a basic profile for yourself on your computer, then adding to it depending on what dating site you sign up for. If you choose to have profiles on general dating sites as well as naughty ones you can add more spice to the latter to let your would-be lovers know about your sassier side.

In your template profile make sure to craft a good description of yourself including hobbies, habits, and possibly a fun idea for a first date. Create a clever tag line to make readers look twice. Then copy and paste with each new site, adjusting the focus as needed. You can refine your profile over time, letting your true colors shine through.

  • Stay Linked to Your Love Life

You may be on the go when a hottie has just noticed your profile. If you don’t check emails on your phone it may be hours before you read their message and respond. Don’t let precious time slip by. Make sure to get your updates sent to your phone. You can choose what notifications you receive on most sites, to avoid flooding your inbox.

With these time-saving, effort-reducing tips you are on the fast track to romance in the modern age. Just keep it simple!