Have we been looking at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice all wrong?

In the latest “How It Should Have Ended,” all of the many, many, many absurdities of Batman and Superman‘s (kinda-sorta) big screen battle are taken to task for being as inane as they are.

From the opening silliness of a grown man needing to be told to evacuate a skyscraper while aliens were destroying the city, to the final battle where Superman needlessly felt the need to drive the kryptonite spear into Doomsday’s chest (rather than let one of the other two superheroes, the ones that aren’t weakened by it, do it instead) this HISHE is one of the best yet.


There’s so much fodder here (thanks for helping out, Aquaman! Glad you couldn’t stop by!), that this could have been an hour long, but damn if it isn’t great anyway. The Batman here feels like one of the most honest portrayals of the Caped Crusader ever.

If we all go into the Justice League films with the right mind frame, one where we are looking forward to a lifetime supply of jokes and funny videos rather than a good movie, we’ll probably all be a lot happier about it afterwards.

Just as long as no Marthas die.