Mario Chacón who has been portraying Mikaol Yordan on television for the last eight years

COSTA RICA EXTRA – The Costa Rican production “Maikol Yordan de Viaje Perdido” (Micheal Jordan in Lost Travel), the highest grossing film ever in Costa Rica, is headed to the rest of Central America and then north, said two of the stars.

While in Panama, during the Panama International Film Festival, Daniel Montero told AFP that the film will premiere in Panama and Guatemala and then continue north to reach Hispanic audiences in the U.S.

“Maikol Yordan” (2014), a comedy that chronicles the adventures of a humble Costa Rica peasant travelling through Europe to raise funds to save a family farm, has already been seen by more than 765,000 spectators in four months in Costa Rica theaters.

The film, directed by Miguel Gómez, was presented for the first time outside of Costa Rica at the Panama festival and will be in the theaters there starting May 15 and later released in other countries in the region.

“We already have arranged to go to America (the U.S.) where there are many Tico immigrants” said Moreno, who plays the villain in the film.

“The film has been in the theaters for four months (in Costa Rica), this has never happened in our country. It was a phenomenon that has positively surprised us,” Mario Chacón told AFP, who has been portraying the role of Maikol Yordan for the last eight years on the television program by the 1/2 Docena (half-dozen) comedy group.

According to Chacón, the success of the character is due “to a number of factors that came together”.